Imagine travelling by train through the Moordenaars Karoo. The late afternoon sun throws halos around each bossie for as far as you can see, and you can see forever. Nothing moves. The rhythmic clatter suddenly surges as another train streaks past in the opposite direction. Windows passing windows. Flashing and flickering, framing one intimate scene after the other. An old man eating a sandwich. A mother comforting her crying baby. Two young people kissing. Someone looks back at you and smiles. Then the calm is restored as swiftly as it was disturbed, as the two trains pass each other.

We love telling stories. We do it resourcefully and with gusto – hands-on from brief to delivery – specialising in Commercials, Branded Content, and Music Videos. With new technologies creating ever-changing ways and platforms to tell stories, our experience, creativity, and ingenuity make us great partners for any project.

Passing Trains is a boutique Film Production Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Producer Marisa Bracher, and directors Quinton Lavery, Bongo Mbutuma and Etienne de Villiers love what they do.


etienne de villiers

Etienne de Villiers is a Storyteller / Performance Director.

Etienne is known for his excellent casting and for getting the best performances from his cast, be they professional actors, brand ambassadors, regular Joes, or children. He however believes that other storytelling tools like production design and styling, shot design, soundscaping and editing, are as vital in the telling of a good story.

He has won many awards, but the most rewarding for him and his clients is how well liked his work has been by consumers. Etienne has directed commercials for some of South Africa’s most loved and iconic brands including Radio Sonder Grense, Vodacom, Cadbury, Vicks, Spar, Pampers, Klipdrift, Ariel, Isuzu, ProNutro, Spur, Pep, and Steri Stumpie.

quinton lavery

Quinton Lavery is an award winning Commercials and Content Director.

Quinton started making films at the tender age of 14. Today he has an impressive portfolio of work under his belt, from music videos and branded content to TVCs and a feature film.

When he’s not shooting, Quinton voraciously consumes all things related to filmmaking, and his work reflects a broad knowledge of techniques and visual styles. His impressive reel includes work for Jack Parow, Francois van Coke, Karen Zoid, Tresor, The Kiffness, RE/Max, Kia, Southern Comfort, Jameson, Effiflu C, and Pep.

bongo mbutuma

Bongo Mbutuma is Passing Trains’ newest member and up-and-coming director. His work as an actor and voiceover artist gained him local acclaim, but his sights are now firmly set on working behind the camera.  With a keen visual eye and a witty sense of humour, Bongo is the go-to man for social and branded content that will get your brand noticed.

marisa bracher

Marisa Bracher is our “can-do” producer who adeptly wrangles the Passing Trains directors and oversees all aspects of production. With a background in journalism, her production experience spans documentaries, TV series, feature films, commercials, radio and digital, both locally and internationally.

Marisa loves the challenges of her job, juggling balls, working at the speed of light with an attention to detail that’s almost super-human. She makes sure our projects are always delivered on budget and on time, ensuring everyone looks good in the process.


etienne de villiers

  • Cash Crusaders “Tough Guy” Cash Crusaders - Tough Guy
  • Spur “Second to None” Spur - Second to None
  • Steri Stumpie “Milk the moment” Steri Stumpie - Milk the Moment
  • Spur “Magician” Spur - Magician
  • Attacq “Tree” Attacq - Tree
  • Isuzu “Mandume” Isuzu - Mandume

quinton lavery

  • Metro the Animal “We are Golden” Metro the Animal - We are Golden
  • Francois Van Coke & Karen Zoid “Toe Vind Ek jou” Francois Van Coke & Karen Zoid - Toe Vind Ek jou
  • PEPcell “Stylo TVC” PEPcell - Stylo TVC
  • PEP Life’s Special Moments “The Journey Home” PEP Life’s Special Moments - The Journey Home
  • Jesse Clegg ft Shekhinah “Breathing” Jesse Clegg ft Shekhinah - Breathing
  • Jameson Whisky “Takes you 100% Closer” Jameson Whisky - Takes you 100% Closer


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